Peter Eric Lang - Speaker

I am an experienced public speaker full of personality and knowledge. Having gone from speaking to several hundred students and parents in college to being on stage in front of thousands and being streamed to thousands more at home.

Peter's Speaking Experience:

Some events include:

  • Buckingham Palace, London.

  • ITV Granada Reports, Liverpool (Television Interview).

  • SSAT Conference, Manchester.

  • Launch22 Business Incubator Hub, Liverpool.

  • Birkenhead High School Academy, Wirral.

  • Weatherhead High School, Wirral.

  • Wirral Careers Fair, Prenton Park Stadium.

Topics Peter has Discussed include:

  • Technology.

  • Education.

  • Social Media.

  • Content Creation.

  • Marketing.

  • Games Development.

  • Running a Business.

  • Creating Artwork.

  • Creating Comics.

  • My Story.

I am an extremely profession personality that has been on TV, interviewed for newspapers, blogs and magazines, spoke on panel sessions at events, gave countless speeches to audiences in the hundreds/ thousands and even gave a speech to Prince Andrew, Duke of York, in Buckingham Palace.

Contact me now or email us on if you would like to have me speak at your event, school, college or University or if you would like to have me on your radio show, podcast, TV show or series.

I am based in Liverpool and am able to travel to visit and speak at your event.

Speaker Profile

Able to travel: Yes.

Booking Price: Varies (Dependent on context).

Position: Artist & Designer/ Owner of Giggle Universe.

CV: Available here.

Location: Liverpool City, England, UK.

Contact now!

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Peter Eric Lang is a lovable millennial Scouser that has an insanely efficient work ethic that enables him to be the master of a number of arts! From creating original and commissioned illustrations to writing and illustrating comic books and video games for Giggle Universe, in addition to being a writer for pop-culture website and the online periodical to name but a few. 


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