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Hi there!

I'm Peter Eric Lang! I've been doing really creative stuff since I was very little, literally, I was about 9 when I first got in one of my local newspapers - I had won an art competition through my local building society and I got a feature!

I make webcomics such as Peter Doodles which is a bunch of comic shorts based on my life! I run creative projects such as Peter Scribbles which is quirky artwork in notebooks and sketchpads which I photograph and discuss, I also create comic books as well as vlog and do walkthrough digital illustrations on my YouTube channel!

I set up my own creative brand, Giggle Universe, which is an epic independent entertainment brand that creates comic books, apps, video games, podcasts, videos, illustrations, blogs, merch and lots more based on amazing characters like Glow The Orb, Cubey, Rexxhy and many more!

I've been privileged to do some really awesome things like be a public speaker at a load of different events, I've even been invited by Prince Andrew to Buckingham Palace to give a speech about my work! I've been a panelist at events and 

I have always grown up with animals in my life, cats in my immediate family, dogs in my extended family and more recently, a rabbit that has befriended the family cats!


Peter Eric Lang
Peter Eric Lang
Peter Eric Lang
Peter Eric Lang
Peter Eric Lang
Peter Eric Lang

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Peter Eric Lang is a lovable millennial Scouser that has an insanely efficient work ethic that enables him to be the master of a number of arts! From creating original and commissioned illustrations to writing and illustrating comic books and video games for Giggle Universe, in addition to being a writer for pop-culture website yaaas.co.uk and the online periodical TheLiverpudlian.co.uk to name but a few. 


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